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Hydro Kinetic Water Poncelet:  100 - 1,000 kW

The Energetic Drives engineering team worked with Hasz Consulting and Whitestone Power of Alaska to develop a state-of-the-art hydro kinetic turbine dubbed the Poncelet.  This design incorporates electrical engineering design, controls engineering development and substantial research and development skill sets.

All mechanical components, designed by Hasz Consulting with minor oversight by the Energetic Drives team, proved to exceed initial requirements in all categories.

Poncelet - View 1

Poncelet - View 2

The design criteria called for the Hydro Kinetic Turbine to be placed on the surface of a river.  Fish and Wildlife required a low draught of the paddles and low speeds. This would minimize disturbing the fish species in the local rivers.

The solution required a direct connect to a load (i.e., a village) with an option for grid distribution.  In order to achieve this, Energetic Drives employed a Parker grid-tie inverter design with unique control and function blocks enabling a “load demand, load adapt function” consistent with UL 1741.

Finally, the unit needed to work in conjunction with exisiting diesel generators currently being used in rural Alaska.  The system would work in tandem with the primary diesel in an iscochronous mode.  A very difficult proposition indeed!

Energetic Drives with Hasz Consulting and Whitestone Power submitted the proposed design and gained approval from the Fish and Wildlife of Alaska in 2011 after all criteria were met through many hours of research and development.
Poncelet - Adjustable Load Demand

Poncelet - Basic Design Layout

The diagram above isolates the key components used to supply the system solution.  The mule boat enables the poncelet to be used at multiple locations on the river or along the shoreline.

The permanent magnet generator provides ultra-high efficiency energy conversion using 48 magnetic poles made of rare earth Neodymium magnets.

The grid-tie inverter, the smallest in class, provides high efficiency conversion from AC to DC and re-inverting to AC in order to provide 3 phase 60 Hz power at all speeds of rotation and flow of the river.  A global power supply is incorporated for deployment world-wide (380V, 460V, 575V and 690 volt 3-phase is standard).

Poncelet - Deployment and Mooring

Aluminum wheels provide light-weight structure and strength to the design. In addition, the Poncelet's flotation pontoons are designed to float even if debris were to breach the skin.

Click HERE to see an animation of the Poncelet!

Energetic Drives - Under Construction.

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